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Yêu Lầm Chồng Bạn

Something Borrowed

112 Phút

Quốc gia: Âu Mỹ

Đạo diễn: Luke Greenfield

Diễn viên: Ashley WilliamsColin EgglesfieldGeoff PiersonGinnifer GoodwinJill EikenberryJohn KrasinskiJonathan EpsteinKate HudsonLeia ThompsonSteve Howey

Thể loại: Chính kịch, Hài Hước

0/ 5 0 lượt
Vietsub #1
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Though Rachel is a successful attorney and a loyal, generous friend, she is still single. After one drink too many at her 30th-birthday celebration, Rachel unexpectedly falls into bed with her longtime crush, Dex — who happens to be engaged to her best friend, Darcy. Ramifications of the liaison threaten to destroy the women’s lifelong friendship, while Ethan, Rachel’s confidant, harbors a potentially explosive secret of his own.

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